Trail Ranger Classic for the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Buckle


This Handcrafted Leather Belt in coffee brown tones was specifically designed for the Angeles Crest 100 mile buckle. Mountain ultra-runners who have earned this buckle have completed the grueling 100 miles of mountainous terrain through the Angeles National Forest from Wrightwood, California, to Altadena, California. An endurance event that takes runners through 48,310 feet of total elevation change in the dead of summer. If you've got the buckle- you've earned it, wear it proudly.

This belt was designed specifically to accommodate the unique construction of the buckle itself. We've recreated the classical ranger style belt to allow for a sleeker more flattering look given the heftiness of the buckle.

It is a 1 1/2 inch wide belt strap with the ends tapered to accommodate and accentuate the buckle without it overwhelming the belt itself.

Each belt is hand cut from vegetable tanned leather, hand punched, tooled and dyed, creating a unique art piece that is custom made to fit you. This piece has a hand-carved border and is stained with an antique finish that accentuates and brings out the the carving. The colors are hand mixed and formulated to create a vintage flare in coffee brown tones. No two belts are alike, each one is completely unique...just like you.

*please note, this buckle is only awarded to a fringe group of athletes...ultrarunners who are slightly (but delightfully) off enough to put their bodies and minds through an unforgettable trip that lasts for 100 miles. If you like the buckle, you are encouraged to sign up for the race. It's the only way to earn it:

As a little bonus, we stamp initials (Up to 3 letters) on the inside of the belt at the buckle end and we also make you a personalized leather key fob with your name on it. If your purchase is a gift for someone else, please give us their name and initials so that we can put it on the belt and key fob.

To determine your belt size, the best method is to measure a belt that you wear; lay it flat on a table and measure (in inches) from the tip of the buckle to the hole you regularly use to fasten your belt.

If you do not have a belt, use a tape measure to measure around the area where you typically wear your pants. (Note, Jeans and slacks are different, as jeans usually sit lower/ below the waist.)

Another rule of thumb (applies to men): Belt sizes are usually three inches larger than pants sizes. For example, if you're a 34 pants size, your belt measurement would be 37".