Black Eye Handcrafted Leather Belt


"Black Eye" Handcrafted Leather Belt. Antique nickel buckle and hardware, 1 1/2 inch wide belt strap.

Metal eyelets are hand-punched throughout the length of the belt. Available in either of the buckles shown, please specify your preference in the notes to seller: oval buckle or western buckle with belt catcher.

Each belt is hand cut from vegetable tanned leather, hand punched, tooled and dyed, creating a unique art piece that is custom made to fit you. No two belts are alike, each one is completely unique...just like you.

As a little bonus, we stamp your name (or initials if name is too long) on the inside of the belt at the buckle end; please specify if you prefer name or initials in notes to seller. We also make you a personalized leather key fob with your name/ initials. If your purchase is a gift for someone else, please specify, and provide us with their name/ initials.

To determine your belt size, the best method is to measure a belt that you wear; lay it flat on a table and measure (in inches) from the tip of the buckle to the hole you regularly use to fasten your belt.

If you do not have a belt, use a tape measure to measure around the area where you typically wear your pants. (Note, Jeans and slacks are different, as jeans usually sit lower/ below the waist.)

Another rule of thumb (applies to men): Belt sizes are usually three inches larger than pants sizes. For example, if you're a 34 pants size, your belt measurement would be 37".