Deadwood Handcrafted Leather Belt (Limited Edition)


Our "Deadwood" Handcrafted Leather Belt, in a blend of rich brown and cordovan tones is entirely hand-carved to create a wooded tree bark texture. It has an antique brass buckle and antique brass hardware. It is a 1 1/2 inch wide belt strap. This design is similar to our Honeysuckle Rosewood but with less red/ rose undertones. The Deadwood incorporates rich brown tones and is stained in an antique finish to accentuate the hand-carving.

Each belt is hand cut from vegetable tanned leather, hand punched, tooled and dyed, creating a unique art piece that is custom made to fit you. This piece is hand carved, free-form so each one of these is unique unto itself. The colors are hand mixed and formulated to create vintage brown and cordovan and tones. No two belts are alike, each one is completely unique...just like you.

As a little bonus, we stamp your name or initials (please specify which you prefer) on the inside of the belt at the buckle end and we also make you a personalized leather key fob with your name on it. If your purchase is a gift for someone else, please provide us their name (or initials) so that we can put it on the belt and key fob.

To determine your belt size, the best method is to measure a belt that you wear; lay it flat on a table and measure (in inches) from the tip of the buckle to the hole you regularly use to fasten your belt.

If you do not have a belt, use a tape measure to measure around the area where you typically wear your pants. (Note, Jeans and slacks are different, as jeans usually sit lower/ below the waist.)

Another rule of thumb (applies to men): Belt sizes are usually three inches larger than pants sizes. For example, if you're a 34 pants size, your belt measurement would be 37".