Skinny Double Wrap Leather Cuff with Eyelets


This leather cuff in vintage brown tones is lined in soft lamb skin and fastens with an antique brass buckle and adorned with hand punched eyelets along the length of the cuff.. The cuff is half an inch wide and wraps around your wrist twice. It's so comfy, you'll forget you're rocking it.

Each cuff is hand cut from vegetable tanned leather, hand punched, tooled and dyed, creating a unique art piece that is custom made to fit you. The colors are hand mixed and formulated to give it a vintage flare. No two cuffs are alike, each one is completely unique...just like you.

Use a measuring tape and measure in inches, the circumference of your wrist. Do not add additional length as we will adjust accordingly based on the fit and design of this particular piece. If you do not have a measuring tape, take a string and wrap it around your wrist and then take a ruler and measure the length of the string needed to satisfy your fit.