The HURT 100 Belt (Made Exclusively for HURT 100 Finishers)


Congratulations on getting to the finish and earning the HURT 100 buckle! This belt is made to order, and designed especially for HURT 100 finishers.

In the "notes to shop owner section" please include your belt size as per the instructions below or from the instructions on our site. Please indicate which of the methods you used to obtain your belt size; see below. Also include your initials (up to 3 letters). Thanks!

To determine your belt size, the best method is to measure a belt that you wear; lay it flat on a table and measure (in inches) from the tip of the buckle (include buckle in measurement) to the hole you regularly use to fasten your belt.

If you do not have a belt, use a tape measure to measure around the area where you typically wear your pants. (Note, Jeans and slacks are different, as jeans usually sit lower/ below the waist.)

Another rule of thumb (generally applies to men's sizing): Belt sizes are usually three inches larger than pants sizes. For example, if you're a 34 pants size, your belt measurement would be 37".

Congrats once again on an outstanding accomplishment, we look forward to making your belt!